Quality Statement/Assurance

Quality control, food safety and health & hygiene are the most important factors in our manufacturing facilities and are quite simply the order of the date at Ma Baker Foods. Our quality control staff and SABS HACCP Team together with our systems, monitor the production process from start to finish.

Most of our major ingredient suppliers are HACCP certified and each new batch of ingredients is thoroughly checked before it is received to ensure that it conforms to our quality standards. Frozen and chilled ingredients are temperature tested on receipt and we are meticulous in maintaining the cold chain until the finished product is delivered to our customers.

The preparation of fillings is batch controlled so that we can ensure that they are used on a first in first out basis, as well as to be able to later identify the production history of each and every one of our products, by comparing the batch code on the filling to a reference number on the box containing the finished product. Thus, the ingredients of each product is fully traceable.

Health and hygiene standards are maintained throughout the entire company and the production envirnment is monitored, not only by our in house quality control team, but also by means of micro biological testing done by an independent laboratories commissioned by us as well as certain of our customers .